On July 24th, Chromecast celebrated its one year birthday. It only weighs 30g and its size is just little bigger than a general USB. But for such a short period of time, Chromecast displayed huge popularity across the universe. Today, we’d like to take a look at Chromecast’s overall score of its first year. First, […]

Media streaming device is getting more popular as time goes by. The first one to pioneer this market was Apple TV. But now Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV have joined the competition, expanding the market. Also, good old Roku is maintaining its position as the top player in media streaming industry by providing various video […]

Technological thinking starts with technology. The difference between A and B technology is clear, so if they are diffused then they would produce a whole new technology, C. If we compare them to an equation, it would be A + B = C. However, if you take view of customers, in other words from UX’s […]

Today, I’m back with a story of Mr.Kim, who is a businessman in Korea. Just like every businessman, he is always busy, but he takes time to watch his favorite videos using Zimly. I hope this post will show you how to utilize Zimly in your daily life. Would you like to take a look […]

Hello, this is Zimly. Recently, Google Chromecast’s introduction of Mirroring was a big news for many users of Chromecast. Today, I’d like to talk about how you can use Zimly in more various ways with Chromecast’s Mirroring. First, let’s watch a video below to find out what Mirroring does. What’s Chromecast’s Mirroring?  With Mirroring, you […]

Not long ago we updated Zimly by adding a PC streaming function and have simplified other functions in order to make the app not so bulky. In the process, we recognize that some of the little details that made Zimly player so loved by our users may have been lost. Thus, Zimly is slowly getting […]

CES 2013 was the death of 3D TV. Consumers just did not want to contort their bodies into uncomfortable shapes in order to get the right viewing angle or fight for the good spot on the couch at the expense of screen resolution (even after technological improvements enabled viewers to ditch the silly glasses). And […]