The cloud security may have been behind photo ‘leak’.




   Lately, there was a shocking incident. It’s the personal data leakage from iCloud. Large numbers of nude celebrity photos were circulated from person to person through the Internet. It created quite a stir throughout the world and that incident brought up a conversation topic about the security problem of cloud service again. Indeed, the security issues surrounding cloud service has been questioned continually. There are lots of the positive things that can be said about cloud service; scalability, expandability, cost-effectiveness. But the security is a big drawback all the time.


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   Personal cloud (also known as private cloud) can be chosen as the alternative. The central server that stores user’s data is the vital element of general cloud services such as iCloud and the others. Since data is stored on large central servers and is shared by multiple users, this also means multiple openings for outside intruders. But, the personal cloud does not have central servers as an essential part. It’s based on peer-to-peer network that connects devices to each other directly. Since there is no storage of data, there is no danger of data leakage and since it is operated on private network, it’s largely free from outside evasion.




   Zimly is one of personal cloud services, especially focused on media. By using Zimly, you can make your own personal media cloud. It’s more safe and esay to use. Your personal, private media contents can be protected from outsiders, and you can use it without any complicated configurations. For now, Zimly provides the ability to play or stream audio and videos. But, before long, many more types of media like photo and docs will become possible. Be free from the anxieties over security with Zimly!


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