a visit to Xiaomi experience center in beijing

Zimly visited Xiaomi Experience Center while in Beijing for TechCrunch Disrupt in Beijing.

1Xiaomi doesn’t have official offline store, but it has Experience Center near its headquarter building. So, if you’re planning to visit Beijing, why don’t you pay a visit to the Xiaomi’s Experience Center? 

Address of Xiaomi’s Experience Center

  • 北京市海淀区毛纺路58号院3号楼 (Building 3, Wool Road, Haidian District, Beijing No. 58 homes)



234This is Xiaomi’s headquarter building, near the Experience center. Its interior gave an impression of clean and neat.



56 7There were many visitors to experience Xiaomi’s products. The general atmosphere felt similar to that of Apple’s store. On the wooden tables, Xiaomi’s and Beats headphones weer displayed neatly.



9101112Xiaomi’s products were displayed on the tables. Among them, Xiaomi’s external battery caught Zimly’s attention. Its cost is about 69 yuan (about $11.00) and has 10,000 amp. Because of its huge battery life, it’s already been loved by many international iPhone users. With Xiaomi’s external battery you will be able to stream media using zimly, without worrying about the battery life.



13 14 15 1617 18They were selling various accessories including, router, hard drive, ear phones, phone cases, Beats Headphones, and etc. Especially, Xiaomi’s 99 yuan (about $16.00) hard driver was extremely popular because it could be purchased right at the location. Do you see the huge battery of 10400 amp in the photo?


Mi Pad & Xiaomi Smartphone

202122Mi Pad and Xiaomi 4 were popular also. Xiaomi 4 is the latest high tech smartphone. The 4 edges of its hardware curiously looked very similar to those of iPhone.



2324At one section of the Experience Center, they recreated a living room. And can you guess what was in there? the Xiaomi TV! It boasts 49 inch size and 4K HD display. On the left, there was Xiaomi router, which resembles the look of Apple track pad.

Xiaomi TV had international media contents. The subtitles were Chinese and some of the contents we dubbed in Chinese.


At present, Xiaomi products and services are customized for China. But its recent moves show that it aims to enter Europe, India and Indonesia. Is Xiaomi dreaming of becoming global smart tech company?

For Xiaomi TV and Xiaomi set top box, if they have enough contents for each countries, it seems probable that Xiaomi can provide a new trend to media consuming culture.

In addition, if Zimly is used together, then it will become easier and faster to consume media, right?


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