A Day with zimly 2: A Day of Jesse, a College student.

Hello, this is Zimly!

How have you been doing? I hope you’re enjoying last bits of summer.

Today, I am back with A Day with Zimly series#2. This time with Jesse, a college student.

The shall we take a look at Jesse’s day with Zimly?

Doing Internship for the Summer

Jesse decided to do internship this summer to gain work experience. She has came to the office as usual, but suddenly her co-workers conversation catches her attention.

‘If you use Zimly, you can watch videos and listen to music anywhere you go’.

‘Very attractive’, Jesse thought. At lunch, she tries to launch Zimly at her computer.

DSC01114Jesse wanted to expose only her back.

DSC01116First, go to Zimly’s official website: http://zim.ly

Now, let’s install Zimly on the computer.

zimly_homepage_ss2On the Downloads page, click Windows or OS X according to your computer, under ‘Zimly Streamer’

zimly_homepage_dowload_ss3Then you will get Zimly Streamer file. Click ‘Save File’.

zimly_homepage_in_the_tray_ss6Now install Zimly!

zimly_homepage_in_the_desktop_background_ss8You will get a shortcut to Zimly on your desktop after installment. Click it.

zimly_homepage_add_media_folder_1Now you have just opened Zimly Streamer! The next step is ‘Add Folder’ to the Zimly Streamer. Click ‘+’ button in the bottom right, which is circled in red.

zimly_homepage_add_media_folder_2Okay, let’s add your folder, which has videos and music.

zimly_media_folder_in_the_backgroundFirst, where is Jesse’s media folder? Hers is on the desktop. Do you see the red circled one? Hers is named ‘media’.

zimly_homepage_media_folder_video_game_of_thronesInside her folder, she has an episode of ‘Game of Thrones’. Please remember the ‘Game of Thrones’!

zimly_homepage_add_media_folder_3_-_click_his_her_computer_nameOkay, back to Zimly. Click ‘Users’.

zimly_homepage_add_media_folder_4_choose_their_folderYou will see Contacts, Desktop, Documents, Downloads, etc. Since Jesse’s media folder was on Desktop, click Desktop.

zimly_homepage_add_media_folder_5_-_my_folder's_name_was_mediaTwo folders show up when you click Desktop. Jesse’s folder was named ‘media’ so click Media.

zimly_homepage_add_media_folder_6_-_add_music_and_video_folders_Inside her ‘media’ folder, she has two other folders: MUSIC and VIDEO. She decides to add all of them. So click the folder and click ‘Add’ button on the bottom right. 

zimly_homepage_add_media_folder_7_-_all_added_Okay, MUSIC and VIDEO are added to the Zimly Streamer!

What Do You Do After Work?

After work, she goes to a cafe. She orders some pastry and a cup of coffee. Then she remembered she missed an episode of Game of Thrones.

DSC01075She loves smell of coffee.

DSC01090She plays Zimly on her smartphone and goes to ‘Video’. Do you see ‘Games of Thrones’ on the video list? It’s hard to see in the photo, but it’s there!

DSC01093And it plays very well!

DSC01096She enjoys ‘Game of Thrones’ with Zimly. A very nice way to end a day!

Zimly is the best way to enjoy media located at PC. Please give it a try!









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