Zimly in Media: Getting Popular Zimly!

Hello, how are you doing?

As you might know, Zimly became Google Chromecast’s Officially featured app. This news attracts media from around the world.

Today, I’d like to tell you about list of media those have published news of Zimly.

Zimly in International Media

Us becoming the officially featured app of Chromecast caught eyes of international IT/startup magazines.







  • Tropical Post
    • “Zimly is the solution to media shiftingbetween different screens (mobile, computer, TV). When you upload media to a cloud like Dropbox, it takes really long time to upload through a server and it has limited storage.”




Zimly in Korean Media

Because we got recognition for our technology that made us Chromecast’s featured app, many Korean media showed interested in us.

(Note: the articles below are from Korean media, thus they are written in Korean).

Chromecast_2 zimly blog


Release of Zimly for Mac

zimly download

Finally, Zimly for Mac has been released. There were many requests for it, and now you can enjoy Zimly from your Mac also! (You can download it here)


We always welcome your feedback! We take your opinions very seriously since they are much valuable and we work to solve your problems. Til the you can enjoy your streaming with Zimly!

*Since our app is based on technology, we noticed that many generic users felt difficulties while using Zimly. We apologize for not fully explaining them. Next time, we will post Q&A, with most asked questions. We hope this will solve your curiosity and difficulties. Thank you:)





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