How to Install Zimly & Connect to Chromecast

Zimly has many special qualities. But one of its best characteristics is that it’s very simple and easy to use.

Installing Zimly is simple as well. In this post, I will show you how to install Zimly and connect Chromecast.

First, Download Zimly from here:


Now, How to Install and Use Zimly

1. Download Zimly App on mobile device from mobile app store. When you first download Zimly, you will see this simple instruction.

Zimly01- First page when you play the app

2. Tap ‘Connection’ button, which is a monitor icon on the upper right. Then Tap ‘Send Zimly Streamer Download Link’ on the bottom.

Zimly02-Connection page3. Enter your email and a link to Zimly Streamer Download will be sent. After installing Zimly Streamer on computer, click a ‘PIN’ icon (one in yellow). Then, a 9 digit PIN will be automatically generated.

zimly after installing

zimly pin number(in the red circle, it’s your PIN number)

4. On your mobile device, enter the PIN you just received in the app. Now your mobile device and computer are connected!

Zimly03-PIN page5. On computer, add folders containing media to Zimly Streamer so media can be streamed.
6. Enjoy media streaming!

Now you can play Zimly just like any other default media player. The only difference is that you can play media from your computer on your mobile device.

You can play songs, videos, make playlist, etc.

Play your favorite music and videos.

Zimly11-Album pageZimly07-Menu barZimly08-Audio menu working

Choose your favorites and make a playlist.


How to use Zimly with Chromecast

1. If you have Chromecast and mobile device in a same network, when you play the app ‘Zimly’ the ‘Cast Introduction’ page will appear.

Chromecast01-Cast Introduction2. If your mobile device is not connected to Chromecast, then uncolored Chromecast button is in the upper right of the app.
3. Tap ‘cast’ button, then Connection page appears. If you enter 9digit PIN, then it connects the mobile device to Chromecast.

Chromecast02-Connected page4. If you’re connected, tap media you want to cast to TV. It will automatically cast to TV.

Chromecast04-Video player

Now you are ready to cast your media to TV.


Using Zimly is very simple. Just few easy steps and you can use it like other default media player.

Enjoy your media with Zimly!


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