Monthly Archives: July 2014

The Future of Chromecast and Smart TV, and Zimly’s Role Between Them

Technological thinking starts with technology. The difference between A and B technology is clear, so if they are diffused then they would produce a whole new technology, C. If we compare them to an equation, it would be A + B = C. However, if you take view of customers, in other words from UX’s […]

A Day With Zimly: A Day of Mr. Kim, A Business Man

Today, I’m back with a story of Mr.Kim, who is a businessman in Korea. Just like every businessman, he is always busy, but he takes time to watch his favorite videos using Zimly. I hope this post will show you how to utilize Zimly in your daily life. Would you like to take a look […]

Zimly Has Become More Powerful With Chromecast’s Mirroring

Hello, this is Zimly. Recently, Google Chromecast’s introduction of Mirroring was a big news for many users of Chromecast. Today, I’d like to talk about how you can use Zimly in more various ways with Chromecast’s Mirroring. First, let’s watch a video below to find out what Mirroring does. What’s Chromecast’s Mirroring?  With Mirroring, you […]