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CES 2014: The Death of Media Streaming Devices?

CES 2013 was the death of 3D TV. Consumers just did not want to contort their bodies into uncomfortable shapes in order to get the right viewing angle or fight for the good spot on the couch at the expense of screen resolution (even after technological improvements enabled viewers to ditch the silly glasses). And […]

Game-streaming Now Available For Sony

Sony’s game-streaming service, PlayStation Now, is live at the Consumer Electronics Show 2014 in Las Vegas. The concept, which is also called “cloud gaming”, aims to provide end users friction-less and direct play-ability of games across various devices.¬†And it makes sense. Just as media streaming service like Zimly has changed the media industry, game streaming […]

Six IT Trends for 2014

3 V’s are used to describe the attributes of big data – volume, variety, and velocity. The same thing could be said about the IT market in general. IT stands for Information Technology so the very nature of information that is being stored and sent about shapes the industry that is built around how that […]