Monthly Archives: November 2013

Best Gaming Console For Music

I know no one buys a gaming console for music. But PS4 and Xbox One are both so similar in terms of third-party games and hardware that deciding between the two for your Black Friday shopping may be harder than answering the question, “who do you like better, your mom or dad?” So let me […]

Much Ado About Something

There is a lot of discussion about Google Glass on whether it really is a step in the right direction for technological advancement or an infringement of the right to privacy for its video-recording feature or just simply a dorky gadget catering to nerds of the highest order. I, myself, agree that it looks like […]

Solution Looking for a Problem

Wearable devices have made frequent appearances in sci-fi movies for many years. If you are old enough (which sadly I am not), you may remember David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight, often yelling at KITT, his artificially intelligent and nearly indestructible car, to get him out of tight spots. But this is 21st century and wearable […]

Air Video vs. Zimly

The rise in tablet PCs has completely changed the way people think of mobile devices. Before tablets came out, smartphones were largely limited to SNS, text-messaging, occasional internet browsing, and listening to music. But with tablet’s larger screen, it is possible for users to now enjoy various video contents in full HD. Study done by […]

R.I.P. Winamp, You Will be Missed

Winamp is the granddaddy of all media players. And now, the venerable one is retiring as AOL is pulling its plug after 16 long years of service. Winamp and Napster were the ones responsible for the digital music revolution in the early 2000’s. Illegal file sharing services provided the tunes and Winamp let us play […]

“The Coolest Media Player” is Joining Forces With Zimly

We appreciate the continuous love and support for Zimly player, “the coolest media player”. It has 2.5 million downloads and counting! Few days ago, one of our followers mentioned Zimly player in a tweet: The tweet includes a link that takes you to a YouTube video that provides detailed review on Zimly player (in Spanish…think […]

Remote Wireless Charging a Possibility in Near Future

Wireless charging has been around for a while and cable-less charging has advantages such as less wear and tear on the sockets and the ability to charge multiple devices on a single charging pad. But when we think of wireless, we think of wireless as in wireless network – acting over space without the limitation […]